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Why Settle For Less — Get Unlimited Web Hosting From Evaske

host my own wordpress websiteFollowing a decrease in the number of customers to my brick & mortar shop, I decided to set up an online store. My friends had told me about the advantages of this option. They told me that I would be able to offer my products to clients all over the world. However, I felt dismayed after going through the details of several web hosts. Most of them charged outrageous sums for website hosting. Those who offered cheap prices offered limited storage space and bandwidth. When I told my friend about this problem, he told me to check out Evaske. I cannot explain in words the happiness I felt on visiting their site.

What fascinated me the most was the unlimited web hosting from Evaske. They had several web hosting plans available, including economy, premium, premium+, and a custom package as well. Their economy plan was just what I was looking for. Obviously, no host offers unlimited space. If they did, I would demand 25TB space from them, a request that they would surely turn down. The 25GB offered by Evaske was more than enough for my requirements. In fact, I can even launch an online superstore with that storage space. I would also get 100GB of high speed bandwidth per month along with unlimited email accounts with this plan. The friendly approach of their support staff gave convinced me that they would solve my website related problems immediately.

Their support staff also assured me that they would take care of registering my domain name. Since I needed a single domain, their `economy’ plan would suffice my needs. I also had a plan to include a blog on my website using the professional WordPress platform. Their friendly staff told me that the economy plan included a cPanel control panel and several scripts including WordPress. This meant I could host my own WordPress website without incurring extra costs.

I also noticed that Evaske assured an uptime of 99.9% and the price of the package included daily backups too. What else could one ask for? Even though I could not use this plan for hosting more than one domain, I could use it to park additional domains. I could book my domain right now and use it later by migrating to their `premium’ plan. If you are on the lookout for a low cost and reliable webhost, look no further. Apart from the features mentioned above, you wil also get several other goodies like email autoresponder, webmail client, ftp and sftp uploads and downloads.